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PostSubject: Rules   Sun Aug 29, 2010 4:25 pm


These rules apply to all members. First things first, Character Applications are NECESSARY. Your profile must also be accepted by an Admin or Mod before you can role play.

This site is a Semi-Literate role play. Use proper spelling and grammer. Type out your actions and put your speech in quotations while role playing.

Admins over power Mods, Mods over power you. If you have a problem take it up with a Moderator, if they don't solve it THAN contact an Admin, including which Moderator you talked to.
There will be a "Contact Mod" and "Contact Admin" sheet. Use them. They're there for a reason not just to look pretty.
There will also be applications for becoming a Mod, and maybe eventually an Admin.
If you wish to be a Kira or part of the investigation team applications must be filled.

Sorry for all the applications and sheets but things have gotten chaotic before and I'm hoping this will lower the chaos.

The general rules are like most Role Play Sites. stick to them and everything will be fine. Break them often enough and you will be banned.

I also ask that if you want to leave the site for whatever reason you give us a heads up so we can think of an interesting way to get rid of your character.


These rules apply to Moderators. As a Moderator you will be assigned a section of the site to moderate. If you get an application section your job is to approve or disapprove of applications according to the requirements and if in your opinion they would make a good whatever the application is for. If you are assigned a section that doesn't have to do with applications your job is to read through all posts and make sure they follow the rules of DNG. All Moderators are expected to participate in the "Contact Moderators" thread where members with problems will get help from Moderators. One Moderator per problem please. If you can't solve the members problem direct them to an Admin. You are expected to remain active. If you are going to be away let an Admin know a head of time so we can find a Moderator to take care of your section while your gone. As a Moderator you get to skip the process of writing out the "Contact Admins" sheet and just PM one directly.


These rules only apply to Admins. As an Admin you have probably served your time as a busy Moderator and you will be happy to hear that Admins have less duties but the ones they do have are more important. Your only regular duties are to participate in the "Contact Admins" thread and to help the moderators if you get a PM from them. You also casually moderate the Moderators and make sure they don't abuse their powers. And I moderate you to make sure you don't abuse your powers. Razz
If you have any problems you can PM me.

Sorry again for all the writing, and thanks for reading it all. ^^

I could wreck it if I had to,
But I'm a wreck so what would that do?
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