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PostSubject: Hitori   Wed Nov 24, 2010 10:26 pm

Name: Hitori Kuroenzeru
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Appearance: Hitori has midnight black medium length hair. Her eyes are naturally an icey blue but she normally wears contacts that make her eyes red. She often wears baggy clothes. Her favourite outfit is a baggy black sweater with long guy-like jean shorts and her converse.

Personality: Hitori has a hard shell that makes her seem like a total bitch. However once you break through the shell she can be very caring and loving. She doesn't open up to people easily, and will only talk to you about anything if you ask her first. She never makes eye contact while talking to you. However she's probably enjoying talking to you.

Likes: Loud music, observing peoples actions, she likes talking but lacks basic social skills, drawing, learning new things

Dislikes: Whiney people, drama, being told "You can't", liars, ignorance.

Bio: Her parents were very poor and regretted having her. It wasn't because they didn't love their daughter, but because they knew that they weren't ready to be parents. They were both very young, and neither of them had a stable job. However they always loved Hitori, and always put her before themselves, but that wasn't enough. When Hitori was still a baby her parents decided that they weren't capable of being her responsible parents. They had wanted the best for her and felt like nothing they could do was ever good enough.

After months of trying to find someone who would adopt her they decided that they would drop her off somewhere that would help her. Even if they wouldn't take her in themselves, they knew no person would turn down helping a baby. They walked through the wealthy part of town and abandoned her on the doorstep of a house.

The lady walked outside early in the morning to find a baby no older than 1 and a half years old on her door step. The lady loved children but was incapable of having one herself so she took the baby in and started caring for it. The lady's name is Dianne, and she was a wealthy therapist. Being a therapist she knew that Hitori would be greatly affected by her parents abandoning her, even if she didn't know all of the details. Now Dianne is retired and still taking care of Hitori into her teen years. Dianne has always worried about Hitori's social problems. She's always pushing Hitori to come out of her shell but fears pushing her too hard.

Sample: Hitori woke from her deep slumber and looked at her clock. The time read 10:45. She sat up and looked at it for a moment longer. 'That can't be right... Dianne never woke me up for school...' Hitori got out of bed and rushed downstairs to find Dianne making some sandwiches and packing them into a basket. Hitori sat down at the table and smiled at the frail elderly lady. "Why didn't you wake me up for school?" She asked as she scavenged the cupboards for some cereal. In a raspy voice Dianne replied with, "Well honey, today is such a nice day that I thought we could go to the park for a picnic."

Hitori was use to Dianne pulling random stunts like this. She also knew that these stunts were her attempts of trying to get her to socialize with people. Hitori has a hard time socializing with anyone but Dianne. Dianne had explained it to her from a therapist's point of view. She had told her that Hitori's social problems come from the fact that she was abandoned by her parents. Hitori just believes that there's no point in talking to anyone but Dianne.

"Hitori. Honey, if you don't want to go on the picnic it's fine." Hitori thought about saying no to the picnic but she couldn't say no to Dianne. Hitori shook her head. "No, it's fine Dianne. I want to go on the picnic with you. I'm still just half asleep." The great thing about Dianne was that she never pushed Hitori too much. Therefore, Hitori was actually looking forward to the picnic because she didn't feel like she had to be social. Dianne would always remind her that she was allowed to be. "Hitori, go upstairs and get dressed. Then we'll head to the park." Hitori noticed a big smile on Dianne's face. That made Hitori smile. Hitori Rushed upstairs and quickly threw an outfit together, then went back downstairs. Hitori packed up the car while Dianne locked up the house. The two of them got in the car and drove to the park for their picnic.

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PostSubject: Re: Hitori   Thu Nov 25, 2010 7:44 pm

I don't think I need to say this, but I'm accepted ^___^
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