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 experimenting with the death note. (Kira topic)

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PostSubject: experimenting with the death note. (Kira topic)   Thu Nov 25, 2010 5:28 pm

Light had to test the notebook to make certain it was real, but at the same time, he had to remain hidden. He headed to the dangerous side of town, where criminals of all sorts were known to scurry about on a regular basis. This disgusted Light beyond all else. Look at them. Everywhere you look, you see the scum running around like a common roach. These pitiful excuses for a human being deserve to die. Everywhere you look it's all the same and if this notebook really does work, I'm going to make a change...As light walked, he spotted a gang of thugs harassing a young girl, trying to undress her. "Hey pretty lady, I'm Takuo Shibuimaru. Come hang out with us, pretty lady."The leader said through a wide grin. It was a typical biker gang but still a nuisance none the less. "That's our Taku, he can spot a hottie a mile away!" One of the thugs said as the girl struggled. Light walked right passed them and overheard the conversation. "Help! Someone!""What's wrong? Don't you wanna have some fun with us?" "No! Get away! Leave me alone!" Light walked into the store directly behind them. He moved to the quiz book area which, coincidentally enough, was right in front of the display window, where Light could view what was going on. He picked up a quiz book and slipped a pen out of his pocket, making sure he was out of view from the clerk of cameras. He then, moved to slip a piece of the death note page he always carried into the book. He wasn't sure which was the correct spelling for the fact that there are many spellings for that name.
He simply decided to write all possible spellings and hoped for the best. He also wanted to see if he could actually control the cause of death.
Takuo Shibuimaru. Traffic Accident
Takuoh Shibuimaru. Traffic Accident
Takuo Sibuimaru. Traffic Accident
Takuoh Sibuimaru. Traffic Accident
Takuo Shibuyimaru. Traffic Accident
Takuoh Shibuyimaru. Traffic Accident

Now, let's see if this is real...Light thought, watching out the window.
The girl pushed one of the thugs away and started to run away. Takuoh mounted his bike and followed her. "Hey, pretty lady, where ya goin?"Just as he finished his sentence, his bike was struck by an oncoming truck. Takuoh Shibuimaru died of a traffic accident. Light's eyes widen with surprise.
The death note...it's...it's for real....but does that mean...that...I killed someone? On his way home, his mind was set on what had happened, constantly replaying it through his mind. It won't be over looked. They'll find me....wait! No....this is exactly what I've been thinking about...this would is rotting and those making it rot deserve to die! And with the death note, I have the power to make the world, to make the people better. All it takes is a name, a face, a pen, and this note book. I will be god of a new world that everyone desires...I am JUSTICE!
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experimenting with the death note. (Kira topic)
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