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 Leaf Starlight.

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PostSubject: Leaf Starlight.   Leaf Starlight. I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 25, 2010 9:55 pm

Name: Leaf Starlight
Age: 25
Appearance: Leaf Starlight has pink hair with a blonde underlayer, She wears a purple/blue dress with a white apron above it she has purple eyes and she wears a purple wristband that means a lot to her.
Personality: Leaf-Starlight has something you would call a "split" personality. She has a very charming personality and a very mean personality. The mean personality will come out when you get her very mad. And then the charming personality comes out when your nice and giving to her. Giving not meaning by bribing her. She is very outgoing, and she is always weird. Leaf-Starlight is a very motivated person.
Likes: Going to animal shelters to play with the animals and help out the volunteers as she is one also, Hanging out with her friends, playing video games and reading manga.
Dislikes: Animal abuse, stupidity,drama and ignorance.
Bio: Leaf Starlight was born on November 30th 1985. She was very interested and she was always motivated when she was little.She never sat still she always had to be told to sit down when she was little. Her father died in a car crash when she was 10 and she never was herself again thats how she began to have her "split" personality of rage and niceness. Her rage began when a little boy began to tease her and bug her about her father when he passed away and she thought that it was her fault that her father had passed away. When she was 13 her and her mother Santana had moved in with her grandparents (her mothers parents) and she had began to help her grandparents more and more and seeing how her grandparents had treated their animals with such respect, she began to have a love and passion for the animals. Leaf, was always so amazed on how her grandparents treated the animals with such tender loving care so she decided when she was 14 that she would start volunteering with the animal shelters and trying to help the animal shelters get people to adopt the pets so the pets wouldn't be trapped in the little cages anymore.
Leaf was never the same after her father had passed away.... A little bit after her father had passed away (5 years later) her mother had followed in his footsteps passing away from cancer. She had never been the same again. Living without her mother she had to fend for herself because her grandparents were to old to look after her. Leaf had to look for 2 part time jobs, quit school and support her grandparents.
Leaf was always a loving and compassionate person until that little boy came along. But, later on she had confronted that now 18 year old boy, and he told her the only reason he made fun of her and taunted her about her father passing away is because he fell in love with her. They began dating and then one day (shes still 17) she found out that she will be a 17 year old teenager mother. Her grandparents weren't to happy about it but they seemed to care about the child. Then 9 months later along came little Timothy.
That is the biography of Leaf Starlight.
Sample: "Leaf come downstairs, we have some bad news for you.." "Yes, what is it mother?" "We have some bad news about your father he has passed away, im sorry Leaf, but we're moving out of here and we're moving with your grandparents you'll have to pack up your stuff we are moving immediatly"
Leaf walks upstairs and starts gently packing up her stuff as she looks around her bedroom and wondering why her mother had decided to move in with her grandparents right away.
Looking out the window as Leaf says goodbye to her old home, she cries and sheds a tear. She already misses her father and the way he looked into her eyes and said goodnight before he left for work.
Finally Leaf and her mother had finally arrived in China to her grandparents house. "Welcome dear, I'm sorry for the loss of your father but i'm sure you will have fun here as much as you did in Chicago." Leaf rolls her eyes. "Bring your bags up to your mothers old room, we have moved a lot around since the time that your mother has been here last, we finally put an extra bed in that room hopefully its not to small for you guys to move around"
"Mom, when can we move to Japan I miss my own room, and I miss my friends." "We're not going back to Japan Leaf we're staying here with your grandparents." *sighs*

"Leaf dear, come with me to the animal shelter, you can meet some of my friends" Leafs grandmother had said. "Oh goody, Oh joy just what I wanted to do on my Saturday" "Dont get lippy with me missy."
Leaf had started getting into the fact that every Saturday her and her grandmother went to the animal shelter, and she finally figured out that this was a good way to get her emotions out. Two years had passed and Leaf had finally grown into living with her grandparents. But, when Leaf was at school her grandparents had shown up to pick her up from school. "Whats wrong, what happened, is everything okay?" "No, im sorry dear. Your mother is in the hospital they found a cancer in her body and they said she won't be alive for very much longer, she had requested to see you one last time before she passes on into the next world""Leaf began to cry and she began to walk out of the office of the school, and she began to grow anger inside her. She started walking out and punching things, that is when her grandparents had decided to put her in therapy to see if that would help, when the doctor had diagnosed that Leaf had a split personality, and Leaf didn't really know much about that. A day came, when a young boy from Leafs school had came by and started making fun of her for being a child with no parents, and that she was living with her grandparents... A few years later, when she finally knew that enough was enough she confronted the boy "I've had enough of your rude attitude with me, my parents died because of the wrong reasons, if this wouldn't of happened to them I would still be in Chicago and not in this shitty school with you snobby kids" The boy blankly stared at her as if she was going crazy. "I'm sorry Leaf, I didn't know. Would you accept my apology?" "Yes, I will but next time you do I'll punch you kay?" "Yes?, but may I ask you one question?""sure""Would you like to hang out""Sure" When she figured out that her mother had passed away, and her grandparents were growing old she decided to drop out of school and get two part time jobs and help support her grandparents.

Every day her and Rob started getting closer and closer then finally the day came when Rob asked Leaf out and she said okay Smile. They started going out but when she was 16 her and Rob decided that day had come that they were going to have sex. The next thing you know is that Leaf found out that she was pregnant , on her birthday she had finally had her son Timothy a blessing to the family.
Later on when Leaf is 25 and Rob is 26 and Timothy is 9, Rob purposed to Leaf, and asked her to move back to Japan with her and she accepted, so she told her grandparents that she was moving to Japan with Rob and Timothy, and that she would visit china at any times she wanted.
So now they live in a huge apartment in the middle of Japan Smile
That is all Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Leaf Starlight.   Leaf Starlight. I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 25, 2010 11:06 pm

Accepted. Welcome to DNG :3
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Leaf Starlight.
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