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 Ruby Red

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PostSubject: Ruby Red   Fri Dec 10, 2010 1:40 am

Name: Real name is unknown, Ruby Red is used or RR

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Appearance: Red hair, Green eyes, pail skin, slender, 5'4".

Personality: Ruby is a very detached person, she can seem rather cold and uncaring most of the time. It take a while for her to warm up to people but once she dose they see a whole other side of her. Highly intelligent and quick witted Ruby make a deadly adversary.

Likes: Quite time, reading, Hunting, mind games, and weapons.

Dislikes: Annoying people, being out smarted, being trapped, people that give up to easy. and people that think they know everything.

Born at an unknown location to unknown parents, placed in an foster home Ruby's genus became apparent to her adopted parents. Her adopted father worked for the US government and placed Ruby in to a test group. TS-R Test subject-R surpassed all other children in the group and then moved into an adult group were she accelerated even further. Trained in all area's Subject R then became an investigative Assassin for the US-Government.
At the age of 18 TS-R took up the name Ruby Red as her appointed fake name and was referred to as Agent RR. On her 627th mission something happened and Agent RR disappeared. After investigation Agent RR was MIA and assumed dead and her file was burned.
Escaping near death Ruby Red ran away from those that tried to kill her never to go back to her old life. She trailed the world doing odd jobs from Private investigator work to assassinations. Her ears soon landed on the stories coming out of Japan about a Killer that calls themselves Kira who kills the wicked. After that she made her mission to find this Kira out smart them and kill them a worthy adversary in her mind.
Now living in Tokyo Japan Ruby begins her search.

The door creaked open and light creped into the room. All was dark but she could see fine from her hiding spot in the closet. A man enters the room and throws down down a briefcase onto a near by chair. Waiting in silence Ruby pulls out her combat knife and awaits the perfect time. Something in the air tips her off to something that dose not feel right, his movements are to rattled and he is not at ease. This is her target she knows that but something about him seems trained as if he awaits her attack.
He moves to the bed and she makes her move slipping out of the closet and quickly sweeping over him like black death slicing his neck before he can mentally even register that she is there. He falls to the bed blood flows endlessly from his wound and she is sure he is dead.
She hears a click but it is to late and soon hot white pain fill her looking down she sees the exit wound of a 9mm bullet from her chest. She turns to face her killer and sees a known face.
"Why?" She ask blood trickling from her red lips a hand covers the hole in her chest.
"Orders are orders Red, you know that." He speaks.
She falls to her knees the smell of gas fills her nose and soon the room is on fire. Overwhelmed by the feeling of betrayal she lays down to die but soon that pain goes away and is replaced with anger. Staggering to her feet she jumps out of a second story window and lands in a bush below. Slipping away into the night to take refuge at a hospital were she is given another shot at life.

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PostSubject: Re: Ruby Red   Fri Dec 10, 2010 1:51 am

Approved ^__^

Welcome back Smile I'm hoping to get a flood of new and old members on this site within a couple of weeks Very Happy

This will be my world...
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PostSubject: Re: Ruby Red   Fri Dec 10, 2010 2:57 am

Woot woot awsome!
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PostSubject: Re: Ruby Red   

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Ruby Red
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