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 Beyond Birthday

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Beyond Birthday

Beyond Birthday

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PostSubject: Beyond Birthday   Beyond Birthday I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 12, 2010 5:39 pm

Name: Beyond Birthday
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Appearance: See Avatar

Personality: Beyond is an extremely intelligent individual. He was second in line to surpass L before he ran away Wammy's House. He is a deranged person, doing anything he can to surpass L, not as the greatest detective, but the world's greatest criminal. He pretends to be L, going off what he saw from him at Wammy's House he can imitate L almost exactly. He comes off as a nice guy, a little strange but nice still, to anyone meeting him. Because he pretends to be L so much, people don't tend to see his true personality. He likes to make people feel uncomfortable if he can but he pretends that he doesn't know he is doing so. Since Kira started killing, he is now on a mission to kill him because as long as Kira exist, he will not claim the title of worlds greatest killer. (Beyond was born with Shinigami eyes but for my version of him I don't want him to have them because it would give me an unfair advantage over others)

-Strawberry Jam
-Pretending to be L
-Laughing like a Shinigami

-Losing to L
-Loud people
-Wammy's House

Bio: Beyond Birthday (aliases Rue Ryuzaki, B and BB) was the 2nd child taken in at Wammy's House, in an attempt to create a successor for L. First in line to surpass L was A. A and Beyond were friends at Wammy's house and wanted to work together one day to surpass L together. However A could not handle the pressure of Wammy's house and ultimately commited suicide. Beyond couldn't take this and soon after Beyond ran away from Wammy's house. He ultimately ended up with a goal to become the world's greatest criminal and surpass L in this time after running away.

During this time he honed skills in crime. Learning how to get away with anything he wanted to and how to cover his tracks. He became the best at covering his tracks to the point that he would eradicate the entire crime scene if he had to, leaving no clues that could lead the crime to him whatsoever. He devised a plan that he hoped even L could not solve. However just as he was about to put his plan into action, the Kira killings started.

Now there was someone else that was going to be known as the worlds greatest criminal. Even if he put his plan into action now he still wouldn't be known as the greatest criminal. So he decided that before he could challenge L, he would have to kill Kira. So he set his plans aside for now and started making other plans to catch Kira. He looked for any information he could find on Kira and his search led to Tokyo. Also the apparent location of L. Now Beyond will do anything to kill Kira. He is insanely mad that Kira is claiming his title and wants blood. Maybe he can even surpass L in the process...

Sample: Beyond was lieing in his bed in Wammy's house. It was night and he should be sleeping but he didn't feel like it. He was thinking about L. A was first in line to surpass L and he was next in line. They wanted to surpass L together however and that's what they dreamed of. A and him had been friends ever since he joined Wammy's house. They had grown close over these years. He wondered when they would get their chance to surpass L. Would L be alive until he was old or would he die before hand. Either way they were going to challenge him eventually, they just were too young at the moment.

Beyond heard a noise come from downstairs. He was on the second floor where all the children slept. He then noticed that A wasn't in his bed. He wondered where A could have wandered off too it wasn't like him. Though there was a lot of pressure growing on him now that he was getting older and closer to being able to surpass L. A was bombarded with pressure maybe he was going outside to take a break from the pressures of Wammy's house and just look at the stars. Beyond decided to creep downstairs and look for himself, maybe he could keep A company.

Beyond slowly climbed out of bed and tiptoed to the door. It creaked usually but he knew that if he put his fingers in the crack where the hinges are then it wouldnt creak. So he opened it silently and left it open slightly for when he came back up. He tiptoed downstairs and past the main hall and kitchen to the back door. He saw Roger running out the back door. He had obviously heard the noise too, he hoped A wouldn't get in trouble. He heard Roger shout "A!!!" as he ran out the door. Beyond ran to the back door as he saw A lieing face down.
"A?" Beyond said as he was confused about what was going on. Roger saw Beyond and shouted to go back into the house. Beyond ran back upstairs hid under his bed and eventually fell asleep. In the morning Roger announced to everyone that A had passed away but did not give any details as to how just that A took his own life. Beyond was stunned and speechless. His only friend was gone forever. Shortly after this Beyond left Wammy's house to try and cope with his loss, he couldn't stand Wammy's house anymore.
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PostSubject: Re: Beyond Birthday   Beyond Birthday I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 12, 2010 5:44 pm

Approved Very Happy
Beyond Birthday ay? This will be a damn interesting character!

This will be my world...
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Beyond Birthday
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