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 Fuyoko, Yuuki.

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Yuuki Fuyoko

Yuuki Fuyoko

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PostSubject: Fuyoko, Yuuki.   Wed Dec 15, 2010 11:44 pm

Name: Fuyoko, Yuuki.

Age: Nineteen.

Gender: Female.

Appearance: Yuuki has short layered blond hair with side bangs that sometimes barely touch her shoulder, her eyes are a sharp blue hue. Her mother being part Japanese give her that face shape and the size of her eyes. Tight leather top with a zipper in the middle, along with blue jeans that have multiple rips and tares in them. Along with the two pairs of clothing, she owns brown cowboy boots that go a little higher than her shins to below her knee. Around her neck is a squirrel like necklace that she got from an unknown source. She had three metal rings on her right wrist.

Personality: Yuuki's personality is like one of a silent shadow that lurks in all corner of the world. She appears to be everywhere at the same time, although - she'll never admit to anything of such. This leads to Yuuki being a very closed off person, not ever going to admit something to anyone, no matter who it is. As if she was born without voice, Yuuki will not speak with anyone unless she really needs too, which half the time is unneeded in such ways.

Likes: ∵「Reading」∴ ∵「Going to the Shooting Range」∴ ∵「Hot Chocolate」∴ ∵「Snow 」∴ ∵「Japanese Culture」∴

Dislikes: ∵「Cooking」∴ ∵「Speeches」∴ ∵「Not being able to sleep」∴ ∵「Summer」∴ ∵「Meaningless Things」∴

Bio: Born in New York City of the United States of America, Yuuki was named of Japanese origin due to her mother who was of Japanese Culture, while her father was of American Culture. Giving her the blue eyes, and blond hair. While she had gotten the Japanese shape of her head and eyes as well. Her mother was a stay at home mom, while her father worked in the police part of her life.

Around the age of seven, while in school - Yuuki's school was one of the fifth buildings to come under control by a strange group of people. She noticed that they wore strange arm bands on their upper arms. Yuuki's teacher told the children whose fathers were in the Police to hide. Although, as Yuuki tried to run, one strange member of the group caught her.

She heard something about her being the little "Daughter" of the officer who put his brother behind bars. Although, when Yuuki thought he was going to pull the trigger on his gun. A man who looked like he had power stopped him, saying it wasn't worth killing another person, as his brother would get out of jail at one point and time.

This started a new chain reaction when the Police were able to arrive, even though the "Gang" had escaped. As if they were only wondering which children would run and hide, while others stood their ground. Years later, barely anything happened to Yuuki since that fateful day. Although, she started to become interested in her father's line of work - tell both parents she wanted to be just like her Father.

When Yuuki became thirteen, she found out that her thirty-three year old mother was about to have another child. Both Yuuki and her father were quite surprised. Her father was over joyed that their family was getting bigger. Although, to Yuuki, it was quite different. Something told her in the back of her mind that it wasn't right, it wasn't a good thing that they'd have another child.

Throughout the time that her mother was getting ready for a child, and all the stages. It always would rain every other day. Which, became strange as New Reporters continued to say on the News. Yuuki knew something was wrong when her mother and father forgot her fourteenth birthday. She had spent it with her frail grandmother, and many aunts and uncles. She had been given a square, rectangle necklace from her grandmother, as she spoke in her native language.


She felt scared, as she knew what her grandmother had said. Not many months after gaining another year old - Yuuki became a sister to her younger sister; Curia Fuyoko. Despite the bad feeling, Yuuki loved her sister very much. Always teaching her what to do.

three years later, Yuuki had finished a special school for children who were far advanced mentally and went right into College. She had to leave for the University of Massachusetts, and also getting involved with their ROTC program to have them better learn for becoming part of the Police.

Although, one day when she returned home to visit her family. It started to rain heavy once more. Despite the bad weather - The Fuyoko family had gone out for dinner that night. The rain stopped at one point, as they started to walk back home. But yet, Kami wasn't on their side that day.

The same Gang that attacked Curia's, and Yuuki's school came back, the leader was the one who wanted to kill Yuuki those oh so many years ago. The man saw someone more weak though then. It was Curia, only just soon to turn five. It was too late by the time either Yuuki, or her father reacted. The newer leader had shot both her mother; In the heart and Curia in the stomach.

Yuuki had then caught Curia before she hit the ground. Her blood was seeping into her clothes, as she felt the warmth of it against her skin. Curia's green blue eyes stared at her sister in silent scream, tears over flowed from Yuuki's blue hued ones. Her father was calling for help, to try and save Curia.

It then started to rain heavy once more, Gang members already gone and the sirens sounded. That night, Yuuki watched the life of her sister's eyes leave her body. The last words that her sister spoke to Yuuki was in native tongue - one that Curia hadn't learned.


Yuuki cried, and cried that night. Her sister's blood covered part of her face, her hands and arms. Soaked her shirt and jeans to her skin. When the Medical team arrived, her father weakly told them not to bother Yuuki, as almost everyone, on lookers, Police and the Medical team watched Ms. Fuyoko cry.

Along with her sister, Yuuki's life and being had also died. When they took Curia away from her blooded hands, Medics went to see if she was hurt. Although, she lashed out of them. Her blue eyes ablaze, as if a demon of some sort had taken her over.

That had been the night the last anybody had saw her in America.


Yuuki had leaned herself up at her Grandmother's house before she packed a bag and cleaned out her bank-account before she had then left the country. She had left for Japan, the home land of her family. She had only one cousin who was currently living in that Country.

When she had gotten in contact with him, she was surprised to see him in a Mafia - one that was similar to the one in America. Regardless, she joined her cousin in hope to start a new life for herself in this new land. Her cousin, Aisu Tatsumi too was happy to see someone he had not seen in over ten years here.

Sample: It was raining again, for the fourth time in a row. It was causing the humidity to grow by every hour. Pieces of clothing clung to their owners, as hair would friz and cause some people to go into fits. Alto ugh, she was used to it. Growing up in one of the Five Burrows of New York City helped.

Cold trained blue eyes watched as people, business men and women walked with different coloured umbrellas up and down the street without a care in the world. Sometimes, she'd see College, and High school students skipping and running through the rain. Although, to her, snow would be much better.

Slowly, she brought a small slim stick to her mouth, one of those "Cancer sticks" that some called them. She felt the nicotine run through her veins until she let the smoke flow out of her mouth. She was cutting back, surprisingly. The blond then dropped the half-smoked cig. to the wet ground before the heel of her boot smothered it into the ground.

A sole tear escaped down one side of a pale and what could be mistaken as a frost bitten cheek before it fused with the rain drops as she pushed off of the wall and into the rainy city. She didn't quite like the rain, she never will, only because of the remaining thought of her childhood.

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PostSubject: Re: Fuyoko, Yuuki.   Wed Dec 15, 2010 11:49 pm

Oh damn O.o Damn snap... yeah. I have no idea what the heck else so say....
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PostSubject: Re: Fuyoko, Yuuki.   Wed Dec 15, 2010 11:59 pm

Wow o.o what Tsuchi said....
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PostSubject: Re: Fuyoko, Yuuki.   Thu Dec 16, 2010 12:08 am

Whoo hoo!
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PostSubject: Re: Fuyoko, Yuuki.   

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Fuyoko, Yuuki.
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