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 (Light must view this topic!) Sazandora's plan

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PostSubject: (Light must view this topic!) Sazandora's plan   Thu Dec 16, 2010 10:10 am

Sazandora was in his room. He had just been to the beach and then had a shower upon his return from there.
"So Zellogi are you ready to witness my plan?" Saz asked Zellogi as he grinned.
"Sure I can't wait to see what happens" Zellogi cackled.
Now to find 3 criminals on the internet that Kira would not usually kill. It has to be borderline so that Kira would almost choose to kill them maybe murderers who had no evil intent and a couple of minor crimes. It has to be borderline so L won't suspect a second Kira, who knows how sharp he could be. This way with 3 criminals it is impossible t-WAIT! That's perfect even with minor criminals this can be seen as a test from the first Kira there is a 0 percent chance that L would suspect a second Kira with this plan. This will also be a test for me to see if it really happens. If I can right details about the persons death I want to see how much I can control their actions. I can one criminal to tip off Sakura TV that Kira will be making a big announcement at a certain place and time. Then all I have to do is find another 4 criminals who are believed to be in that general location and have them all meet there at once to try out this little test of mine. Sakura TV will jump at this chance and Demegawa isn't going to pass up this opportunity.

After a couple of hours Sazandora had chosen the criminals and written down the time and details of the deaths in his notebook. He had told one to go to a payphone and call Sakura TV and to speak to Demegawa. He wrote that the criminal would tell Demegawa that Kira was going to make a huge announcement to Japan and wanted Sakura TV to be the ones to broadcast it. If he called the police Kira would not make the announcement but don't worry you won't be harmed and that's a promise. Demegawa was to make sure that he broadcast this live. Demegawa was to be told the location to go to and then the phone was to be hung up. The criminals would all remain hidden and meet at the location specified at 12 in the afternoon, 5 minutes before the news crew arrived.

Criminal one - A very minor criminal able to go into public without being recognised to most people. The one that was told to go to the pay phone. Told to bring 2 paintbrushes and a can of red paint to the location. When Sakura news crew arrived he would say, "He would say attention Sakura TV, this is the demonstration!" He would then lie the other paintbrush on the floor in front of him and open the can of paint up. He would then draw a large smiley face on the ground at 12:06 before dieing of a heart attack at 12 : 08 in the afternoon.

Criminal two - Told to meet at 12 like the rest of the criminals were told to do and bring a sheet of paper. After hearing the word 'demonstration' upon arriving he was to grab a paintbrush and draw an exact replica of L's face on the paper at 12:06 before dieing of a heart attack at 12:08.

Criminal three - Told to meet at 12 like the rest of the criminals were told to do and bring a sheet of paper and a permanent marker. He was to write the words :

Now I know my time has come.
Only God can absolve me of my sins.
Try as I might I cannot avoid my fate.
I must accept his decision.
God has chosen me to go now.
Nothing will change his mind.
I can only pray he will have mercy.
Right now I have to go beyond.
Beyond to a place of mystery.
Let me go now.

using the permanent marker and in that exact way at 12:06 before dieing of a heart attack at 12:08

Criminal four - A criminal wanted for armed robbery. Told to meet at 12 like the rest of the criminals were told to do and bring a gun. He was to freak out and say "what the hell are you guys doing?" and then at 12:07 he was to wave the gun around threatening to shoot everyone and shoot an elderly man in the head, killing the elderly man before dieing of a heart attack 10 seconds after shooting the elderly man.

Criminal Five - Told to meet at 12 like the rest of the criminals were told to do. He was to climb up the building nearest to him at 12:07 and scream when he reached the top. He was to die of a heart attack at 12:08.

The next day Sakura tv showed up and broadcast the incident live at the exact place and all the criminals turned up on time too. Criminals 1 and 3 did exactly as was written in the death note but the others all died of a heart attack without doing what was specified.

This is very handy information and now lets see what kira's move is and if L got the hidden message I sent him Sazandora thought to himself.

This will be my world...
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(Light must view this topic!) Sazandora's plan
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