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 Catch A Kira Game: Rule and Information

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Catch A Kira Game: Rule and Information Empty
PostSubject: Catch A Kira Game: Rule and Information   Catch A Kira Game: Rule and Information I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 23, 2010 3:46 pm

The object of the game is to find Kira before he/she kill everyone.

The admin hosting the game is the Judge this person will be the only one to know the identities of all players. When the game has 6 or more players the admin will then pick who will play what roll. All participants will be sent a message instructing them of there roll. Informants will be given clues as to who Kira is or where the death note is located.

In each game there will be a photo of a crime seen, Kira will hide the death note in this photo and tell the Judge where it is hidden though a privet message. Once the death note is hidden the game will begin. Kira will take the first turn and kill someone at random. If this person is the detective Kira wins and everyone else is doomed. If the detective lives it is now their turn. Detectives can ether ask someone for information(thought privet messaging) or point a finger at who they think is Kira. But be careful who you ask because they may be Kira. Kira’s can exchange the death note to another player if they want and become a civilian. But be careful who you give you death note to because they may be the detective. All exchanges have to be told to the Judge. All of this is done with in private messaging. The only thing posted into the Game thread will be the deaths of people and the admin announcing the turn is up and who is to move next. Kira may choose the way the person dies (keep it PG13).

If you get a message from Kira saying that your name has been written you must die. If death is not specified die of a heart attack. You can add your own detail flare IE. Thoughts and feelings things like that. Kira, if someone dies that you did not kill please message the judge right away.

Informants will be given a clue such as “the death note is hidden somewhere green” or “Kira is not this person” things like that. Clue will be given to Informants from the judge. If the detective ask a Civilian for a clue clearly they will not have one and should say, “I have no information for you” Or something along those lines.

The game will end when ether the death note is found and once the detective touches the death note the shinigami will be reviled and Kira will be spotted. It may also end if Kira kills the detective. Or if the detective points out Kira.

1. The game must have at least 6 people to play
2. If you know the identity of Kira and are not the detective don’t spoil it for everyone else. Keep it to yourself.
3. No false informants, Kiras, or detectives. Play the roll you are given everyone will have a turn at each roll.
4. Only one game at a time
5. Be respectful of other players
6. All death note rules apply
7. No inappropriate deaths
8. No cheating
9. Only admin can be the Judge, there for only admins can start new rounds.
10. Its just a game so have fun!

1 Judge - Admin hosting the game
1 Kira
1 Detective
1 or more Informants
2 or more Civilians

Please message me if there is any confusion or if you have any suggestions.

Message to admins: Do not post here if you wish to hold a game make a new topic.

"Game's are over, now who want's to die?"

Catch A Kira Game: Rule and Information Violet
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Catch A Kira Game: Rule and Information
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