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ki chigai

ki chigai

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PostSubject: ki chigai    ki chigai  I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 10, 2011 5:56 pm

Name: ki chigai

Gender: Female.

Age: 19 years old.

Description: Long black hair. Dark electrifying blue eyes. 5'3.

Personality: Bakana is very shy and quiet. She is easily frightened. She prefers to talk in third person and carries around a ragidy old stuffed teddy bear that is her only friend.

History: Bakana was born in Japan to a crack head mother who over dosed when Bakana was ten, leaving her alone in the world. Her father was never in the picture. Although, before the death of her mother, Bakana was very paranoid and delusional due to the things her mother would talk about about the outside world. Until her mother's death, Bakana, never left the inside of her rundown apartment.
Now, she wonders around the streets of Tokyo, stealing whatever she needs to survive, living in the back of alleys.

Likes: Teddy Bear
Dislikes: everything But teddy.

The apartment was dark and only the sound of her breathing from the closet could be heard. After a few minutes of silence, a sound of footsteps could be heard outside the door. The door wobbled open to her junky mother stumbling in. Bakana held her breath hoping her mother would not look for her.
"The worlds full of evil!" her mother yelled, slamming the door behind her. "Demons are every where!" she slumped herself onto an old mattress, that was the only furniture in the apartment aside from a old milk crate where the television once sat before being sold for drugs.
Bakana remained in the closet watching her mother through a crack in the door. She watched as her mother shot up once more. A laugh escaped her dry cracked lips and she whispered, "Thats too much." To no one but her teddy that she cluched to her chest.
"You hear me Baka!?The world is evil! dont trust anyone! NO ONE!" soon her mummblings no longer sounded in the air after a few hours.
Bakan left the closet, teddy in hand, her small unshoed feet pattered across the floor and to her mothers side. She didn't have to check for breathing her mother had begun to turn blue. Bakana let out another crazy laugh as she headed for the door. "Its just you and me now teddy, now and forever." She said to the bear that was missing an eye and began her new life of crime on the streets of Tokyo.
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PostSubject: Re: ki chigai    ki chigai  I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 10, 2011 5:56 pm

Approved, welcome to the site.

"Game's are over, now who want's to die?"

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ki chigai
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