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 In Loving Memory.

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In Loving Memory. Empty
PostSubject: In Loving Memory.   In Loving Memory. I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 14, 2011 10:26 pm

Mattias walked out from the door that led to the hotels roof, looking a bit more well dressed than usual. It was raining, but it didn't really matter to him at the moment. He walked over to the edge of the roof, got up on the ledge, and stared at the city before him. He could feel the wind and rain rushing past him, switching directions every few seconds, considering he was roughly 26 stories off the ground. He found himself at peace when in these types of situations, the line between life and death as thin as a human hair. He came to pay his respects to his father, Dimitri Cocoon. He had always liked views of the city. It was one of the few things Mattias and himself had done as a child, find the tallest building in the city, climb it, and look out onto the world in the dead of night. Mattias, still staring out onto the sea of lights below him, wiped his face, as it get rid of the few tears that creeped out of his eyes. He began to say,

"His spirit of resilience and good humor would see Dimitri through more pain and tragedy than most of us will ever know. It would have been easy for Dimitri to let himself become bitter and hardened; to surrender to self-pity and regret; to retreat from public life and live out his years in peaceful quiet. No one would have blamed him for that. But that was not Dimitri Cocoon. As he told us, "...Individual faults and frailties are no excuse to give in and no exemption from the common obligation to give of ourselves."

"As you know so well, the passage of time never really heals the tragic memory of such a great loss, but we carry on, because we have to, because our loved ones would want us to, and because there is still light to guide us in the world from the love they gave us."

We carry on.

"In loving memory, Dimitri Romanov Cocoon. May his soul rest in eternal peace."
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In Loving Memory.
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