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PostSubject: sceth   sceth I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 10, 2011 4:55 pm

Name: Sceth Angiael Faolchu
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Appearance: 6'2''
lanky male, pure black fedora, short silver streaked black hair,
usually wearing black long trench coats, black dress shirt, black dress jeans
when not he wears blue jeans and shirts with random sayings on them as well a short black over coat

carry's 2 9 mill tauras semi auto pistols in hidden breast holders one on each side (17 clip size)

Personality: sceth is the kinda man who will shoot you in the face if he deems it necessary. he talks in a mix of old English and modern day slang ect. hes not afraid to tell someone who he believes is wrong that if they don't fix there ways, that hell kill them. as a supporter of kira, though without a death note, he cleans the streets as best he can with his guns and his connections with local supporters.

Likes: honor, kira, loyalty, his smokes, truth,his guns, and true appreciation of life.
Dislikes: theft, murder of innocents, senseless fighting, running out of smokes or ammo, the color pink, his job

Bio:A child growing up in a military baised home, his dad a decorated officer of the irish military and his mother though a normal house wife knows honor from her father, he grew up and learned much from both his parents but he knew something wasn't right. slowly as he got older he learned much about his fathers past, the fact he was corrupt, his father in all his campains took bribes to let people go, killed innocents and said they were the enemy telling only half truths to his CO, and lastly took advantage for money of woman who had nothing. he slowly started to resent everything he thought he had and ran away from home at 16 living the streets and learning that the whole world was corrupt. slowly as word of kira was spreading around the world he made his way back to japan where as he was young grew up. using his knowledge of technology he became a assistant to a technical and computer repair specialist, Jacob, from the u.s. but as kira was expanding he started to "help" now with a small group of other supporters he cleans the streets,
one scumbag at a time

Sample: he sees a woman standing there on the side of the streets, he in his full black outfit and cloak grins knowing the woman from the grocery store down the way, also knowing she has kids and a husband. he walks over his walk a little bit of a stride and a little mix of a saunter, he merely says " lady how come you stand here dressed as you are in such a chilly night" he grins her quiet reviling outfit of a short skirt and fish netting underneath, the tube top covering her chest if only barely and as he looks he notices she inst wearing any under garments as she responds the toothy grin widening
"i am waiting for someone to come pick me up i was supposed to go out with my friends tonight, but it seems there a no show"
her body language speaks the world to him he can tell shes lieing the van just down the street starts up, he recognizes from one of the files his watchers gave him, a capture van, this was a setup
"don't lie to me, there right there, what was it they said to get you out here? money a good job? or was it that you just enjoy being dirty when your husband is out of town?" his words strike her like a slap to the face her defensiveness is obvious as she yells her reply
" YOU don't understand i need the money to take care of the kids, hes always out spending more then we have, do you have any idea how hard it is to keep a family on your own?"
he stops as the van starts to speed over he thinks to himself
% they're not here to say thank you for helping her come to her senses, they force her to do this but she agrees to it, pitiful, but shes just trying to work for her family%
" go home to your family get a job that will better your life and there's don't soil your marriage OR your self with this belligerence, this NONSENSE"
quickly the woman he knows only as mrs.thiessein runs off saying in her sobs " thank you, i'm, sorry....your right"
the van speeds up now three large guys get out a smaller lankier guy ensues this time his canines are showing, the elongated teeth are showing from behind his lip
the mans loud and obviously annoyed voice rings out behind the larger men " do you have any idea how much money you just lost me punk? she makes me a good ten grand a NIGHT, you relies now everything i see on you is mine, to *he exaggerates the syllables * com-pen-sate me for my loss"
sceth grins and starts to say in a clear tone
"may god have mercy upon your soul, and may your body's return to the earth to better it then in life" he draws both his pistols as the thugs look at him confused
the thug, who seems to be the leader, suddenly goes wide eyed and merely says to the thugs " kill this crazy fucker"
to that shots began to ring out in the neighborhood sceth as he walks away merely says to himself " and so more of the filth that plagues the world is cleansed"as the small string of blood dripping from the back of his cloak follows him
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PostSubject: Re: sceth   sceth I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 10, 2011 6:26 pm

Accepted. You may now RP Smile Welcome to DNG
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