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 Murder Application Template

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PostSubject: Murder Application Template    Fri Feb 03, 2012 5:26 pm

This application is for death note holders, in order to kill someone you must fill this out!

Your Name: (characters name)
Victims Name: (person to be killed real name along with user name)
How did you obtain victims name?
Link to prof: (provide link to prof of information)
Have you seen victims face?
Link to prof: (provide link to prof of information)

Keep in mind victim will die three days after name is written.

How will victim die?
What time will victim die?
Is there anything victim dose before death?

If you want to add more detail to application you may but this is all that is needed. The second half can be left blank if victim is to die of heart attack.

"Game's are over, now who want's to die?"

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Murder Application Template
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