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 Leonardo Michaelis

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Leonardo Michaelis Shinigami

Name: Leonardo Michaelis

Age: 509 [Shinigami]

Gender: Male


Personality: Leonardo is a man that shows little to know emotion. He does, however, have a strange sense of humor... He finds the strangest things entertaining, sometimes he laughs at things that aren't even there..

Likes: Strawberries

Dislikes: Rules...

Bio: Leonardo is one of the younger Shinigami from the shinigami realm. 509 happens to be like a young adult's age in the world of the dead.. Leonardo has been to the human world many, many times.. he finds humans very, "interesting".. And whenever they do something such as murder, or save a life, he simply chuckles. Leo had a special job, however.. he was to watch all humans within a certain area, and was to kill any with his note book that escaped their assigned death. If someone was to die by a car accident, and survives, it was his job to ensure they died. However, Leonardo made an exception for one human, this human's name was Alexander McFarrel. Leonardo had dropped his notebook into the human world, and Alexander was the one to pick it up. For a few years, Alexander and Leonardo worked together to kill off those who escaped death's grasp. Alexander made the "eye deal" with Leonardo, and they slowly watched as each human's life span reached close to zero. Any who got close to zero, and wasn't being effected by it, were obviously attempting to cheat death, in which Leo and Alex killed them before they could.

Though Leo and Alex had a good run, Leonardo simply smirked, because he saw Alexander's life bar reaching close to zero.. and Alex had no intentions of dying, anytime soon. However, Leonardo simply told him that his time has come, and he wrote Alexander's name into his death note. Alexander died, and Leonardo simply smirked and said, "You were an interesting one, Alexander McFarrel... I'll allow you to keep your death note, simply because you may have a chance to become a Shinigami, yourself... Goodbye, Alexander, perhaps we shall meet again."
And so Leonardo berried Alexander with his death note, and made his way back to the shinigami realm.
When in the shinigami realm, he witnessed another shinigami kill someone in order to save another, so, he took the shinigami's death note, and now had two note books in his grasp.

Sample: In the dead of night, Leonardo would be flying over head of the human world, the full moon's light lit the sky bright, and reflected his shadow down upon the city he glided over. A few humans were capably of seeing his shadow, and were a bit confused or freaked out over the shadow without being able to see what was giving off its reflection.
As he glided over head, he found himself staring down toward a fresh strawberry field.
"Oh good sweetness of holy deliciousness!" He shouted as he glided down toward it quickly, lightly landing on his feet as he slipped his index finger under his mouth wrap, the camera moved to shooting behind him since he face was not to be seen, and he would pull the mask down as he began to consume as many strawberries that he could get his hands on.
An hour or so later, Leo had already consumed a good portion of the field. He simply belched as he re-covered his face and exhaled.
"How... delicious..." He slowly sighed out as he slowly opened his eyes. "Humans may be pathetic in many than one way... but they sure do know how to eat..."

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