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 What awaits us being the red curtain. . .

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PostSubject: What awaits us being the red curtain. . .   Tue Feb 14, 2012 2:04 am

Music played in the background~

It was the middle of a warm day in a local park that was built some years ago, now famous for its sporting events and huge fields that can host almost any type of activity, including baseball or football games.
Jack simply sat at one of many of the parks benches, slightly sighing to himself as he leaned back into the bench rather lazily, pulling out his cellphone as he flipped it open, scrolling through some files.
"Still nothing... Damnit.. That woman must be behind the constant file deletions..."
He simply sighed again, closing up his phone as he slipped it back into his pocket, leaning forward slightly as he relaxed, leaning against his legs with his elbows.
"So far, there has been little to no information on the recent Kira... or even his or her victims... there isn't a trace of this person anywhere... No files, no records, nothin'.. all clean..."
Jack then pulled out his cellphone and opened it again, bringing himself to a screen in his email where a message read, 'Sorry sir, nothing came up under your request...'
Jack simply squinted faintly toward his screen.
"None of this makes any sense... What about those rumors of a possibility of Kira being at the theater... where its said this new Kira's first kill took place... But the entire scene has been cleaned and re-opened to public... As if they found nothing.. or they found everything they needed in a matter of 24 hours, and had no more need for any of the files..."
He would bring up an internet screen that led to one of the Kira fan sites, in which people were posting requests for Kira to kill someone. There were also many people trying to act as Kira, or trying to claim to be him, or her... He didn't believe any of them were the real Kira, however, he knew Kira wouldn't be so reckless as to risk getting his location tracked through something so simple as a fan website. Though.. he could still hope Kira would be so reckless and stupid...
Jack stopped at a message as to where someone posted, 'I love you Kira! <3 <3 <3'. He simply stared at the post.
"Why could people possibly support such a viscous being.. don't they know they could be killed just as easily... Kira may target mainly criminals alone, but I won't hold my breath to any of us being safe..."
Jack continued to look at the post, his focus mainly on the word, 'Kira.'
"Who ARE you, Kira... And where does your power come from... Could it be.. that you truly have the power of a god on your side...?"

(OOC: Just randomly thinking with myself. If anyone wants to come along and try turning this into a RP scene then go for it... xP)


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What awaits us being the red curtain. . .
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