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 gerus task force applications

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geru hikari?


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PostSubject: gerus task force applications   Wed Mar 14, 2012 6:18 pm

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Role Play Sample: Geru would yawn for abit ,and then say " well obviously as we all know kira can kill anyone as long as he has a face and name....but he/she can in theory kill anyone anywhere.....which should be impossible....how ever obviously shinigami is a key word for this power as it tends to come up quite abit...thus ive subjected my self to reading mythology ,and older case files to see if i can find connections to the current case....mabye get some hints? ill also will keep track of all the data we have....as well as mabye give you something new ive come acrossed." with a slight smile and looking them all in the eyes. "anyway....anything you want me to do?"
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gerus task force applications
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