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 .. Blood soaked suspicion ..

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PostSubject: .. Blood soaked suspicion ..   Sun Apr 01, 2012 8:14 pm

Jack would approach his old run down apartment and quickly opened to door, sliding in as he closed it behind him, locking it once again as he made his way quickly toward his computer.
Jack would remove his long drape coat and toss it onto his bed as he sat down at his computer, turning it on as he opened up the internet browser and typed in one of the many links to a Kira fan site.
Getting into one of the websites, he quickly began to scan through the comments people had been making. Finding nothing but random trash and kill-requests, Jack decided to simply type in " 死神 " meaning "Shinigami" into the search, hitting enter in which took him to a shinigami fan site.
He quickly began to browse through the details, suddenly coming across a "how to tell if a death god is among us" Wikipedia.
Not believing its contents will be of much use, he clicks on it nonetheless and begins to read.
As he reads, the message claims that not everyone can see the death gods, but certain people have the gift of sight. As he continued to read, he thought back to when he witnessed the blue-haired girl talking to herself practically. But what if someone, - or something - was in fact actually there? Determined to find out more, Jack shut down his computer, stood to his feet and grabbed his jacket, making his way to the door, in which he unlocked and opened it.
After Jack had opened the door, his eyes widened in surprise to see a man standing outside with a gun pointed to Jack's gut. The man simply stood there and smirked wickedly as he stared at Jack.
"Threatenin' my bro, you get killed, hoe.."
The man spoke as he then pulled the trigger.

A bullet flying from its chamber as it pierced Jack's gut. The man quickly took off, Jack attempting to give chase slowly and in much pain, he was able to follow the man all the way out to the street, in which the man attempted to cross the road, and was suddenly hit by a truck.
Jack's eyes widened once again in surprise as he dropped to his knees, clenching his teeth as he held his gut.
"Damnit.." was all Jack could think as he tumbled over in pain, his vision blurring as his blood soaked his clothing and the sidewalk."

On top of the apartment complex, Leonardo sat with his notebook opened and a smirk upon his face. Jack R. Frost was written across one page, and right below it the man who shot Jack.
"Such a pity.. Sadly, it was going to happen sooner or later.. so I might as well grant you your swift release sooner, rather then later.."
Leonardo mumbled as he looked at his hand that was not holding the notebook. He was half expected to find himself crumbling away, due to this act being a form of aiding a human (Being Kira), but luckily, due to Jack's life span soon coming to zero anyway, nothing had happened, since his 'untimely death' had come the same way it would have been, soon enough.
Leonardo simply closed his notebook and took off into the sky, Jack continued to lay, bleeding out as his death quickly approached.


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.. Blood soaked suspicion ..
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