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 Righteous Murder (2nd Kira Killing)

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Hunter Kieff


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PostSubject: Righteous Murder (2nd Kira Killing)   Wed Apr 04, 2012 4:37 am

For several days, Hunter had been keeping track of a number of different people. All of them were male, and all had committed an atrocity at some point in their lives. He decided to kill off one every week, leaving messages for the investigators to find. There was a bit of doubt in his mind that they would be able to piece together the information, but there were quite a few capable minds that worked night and day to have 'Kira' brought in to stand trial. If he was to ever find out their true name, they would be killed like the rest. "Let the game begin..."

The young man pulled a small slip of paper from his pocket and started scribbling a name on the top line, reading it aloud as he went on, "
Name: Tomoya Honozuka
Cause of Death: Suicide

As Tomoya finishes his evening meal, he begins to reflect on the things he had done in his past. He was a drunken, deadbeat father who took his frustrations with work out on his wife and children. Overcome with guilt and remorse, Tomoya would pop several types of pain medication before drinking himself into a stupor in the bathroom of his apartment. In a fit of rage he would punch the mirror as hard as he can, shattering it in order to destroy his own disgusting image. And with a bit of the broken glass he'd slit his forearms wide open from the wrist to the elbow, the pills reducing the pain to that of a dull tug. As he slowly begins to lose consciousness from the loss of his blood, Tomoya would begin tracing a message on the creme colored walls of his bathroom

"I am truly sorry for the crimes I have committed against my wife and children. Not only am I a worthless drunk, but I am also a child and wife beater. I prayed to the Suicide King to aid me in the quest to end my life, and he has graced me with his presence. In his name I have ended my life and I will receive any punishment given to me without regret. I deserve no pity and I deserve no proper burial. And as I lay here dying, I want to let all people like me to know that the reaper will come for you for your crimes. Like a venomous snake he will bite into you and your life will end."

With that, the medication will wear off and Tomoya will draw his last breath before screaming in pure agony. Letting the world around him know that the Suicide King has struck again."

Once the scheduled time passed and Hunter could hear the satisfying scream of his latest victim, he smiled with satisfaction and lit the paper on fire, reducing the evidence to nothing but a pile of ash, "Good luck with that one, investigators."
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Righteous Murder (2nd Kira Killing)
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