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 Back alley rumors....

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geru hikari?


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PostSubject: Back alley rumors....   Wed Jun 27, 2012 12:16 am

Two punks would be chatting in a back alley just chilling out. The punk said "So dude you hear that kira's active again?" the second punk then replied: " Dude kira is always active . that's not news at all....but i got some news for you." First Punk: " Dude come on nothings news anymore with kira being such a attention whore man. Second punk: "Dude its way better then kira trust me." First Punk: "Fine what is it" Second punk : "Dude they say The slender man is back in town!" First Punk:" dude.....your k-k-k-kidding right?" Second Punk: "Would i lie to him man? he or she is a pretty scary person i can tell you that much...they say if you see him once...your ether dead....or left in fear." the first punk was now shivering kind of scared . Second punk: come on man don't be such a wus....also let's hope no one heard us man....
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Back alley rumors....
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