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 Just Another Mortal

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Dmitri Ken Poe

Dmitri Ken Poe

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Dmitri Ken Poe

October 31st




Dmitri reaches up to six feet with three inches, giving him an intimidating look about him and is all but muscle, not buff but built enough for his physique. Owns a pair of golden eyes, sharp and small, always in a glaring state for no apparent reason. Dark messy hair that is always spiked; a small patch on the front is bleached white. Usually, he carries a serious expression wherever he goes, sometimes it even appears as though he is looking for a kill-- which only scare those who may want to speak with him. His body is covered with scars, most are long and large but there are few that range to the size of a pencil. A set of pearly, sharp teeth can be spotted inside his mouth, long red tongue and soft, yet small lips. His features are rough and sharp, obviously from a hard, tough life he lives. A sharp and slightly, crooked nose is one of the features that tend to catch peoples eyes, especially school girls. This fact always irritates him to no end but tries to shrug off. There a few features about him that are very charming if one gets to know him, such as his warm smile, and set of dimples at each side of his cheek. The deep, crackling laughs, and gentle stares. Even his perky, rounded rump is quite attractive but girls tend to catch sight of the defects for the most part.


Not your typical charming guy. Rather, he is a harsh and rough young man who only strives to become--- well, that he is not sure of. He is completely confused of his existence which has cause him to follow the "wrong" path as many tell him. But yet, in the end, he is the only one who has always gotten out of his way to help many in need-- strangers and people who don't deserve it. However, who decides who deserves what? Under that hard exterior a kind boy rests and await to help many who may need a lending hand. It is true that he has a temper, and once that temper erupts he is not pleasant to be around but, who doesn't get angry? He is just like any other, just, has a temper of a ticking bomb. Everyone always see's him with a tight expression, no smile nor welcoming face but that's just the way his "stoic" face looks like. For those who are completely blind, they will know off the bat that he is a harmless creature and has a friendly atmosphere to him. Extremely protective of his "siblings". It's mainly with them that he tends to loosen up, joking around and teasing them as much as possible. A very hardworking young man who never tires of doing random tasks for money. This is where Dmitri's "bad" reputation comes in. Someone who is too open like he is, can be good and bad. When one says open, it's not just in beliefs or trust but his indifferent attitude of the job tasks he get's involved in. Those jobs taught him to push fear aside, never to hesitate, or to do actions that the normal person would never ever dare to go along with. It has made him become a courageous daredevil with a willing and fire spirit inside of him. Give up, that is one of the many things he will never do in his living days, until death.

-Old Classic Movies
-Marital Arts
-Ice cream [Hush!]

-Strong Perfumes [Prefers Natural Scent]
-Sour Foods


A child who grew up as an orphan. Born in a family of only bad influence in Japan, he was taken away from his abusive and alcoholic father at age nine. Around age seven he lost his mother to the nasty grasp of drugs. It was her, who he only learn love from and the gentle touch. After his mother's death his father lost his Janitor position and fell back into his alcoholic old self. The death ate him up from the inside so bad, that he began to take it upon his son. Beating him until he exhausted himself and fell unconscious, drunk to the floor. From his father, he vowed never to drink a drop of alcohol from there on. However, he never hated his father for his behavior and only forgave him, having somehow a deep understanding of his state. But was unaware of the help he could search for his father-- he was a kid. It wasn't long 'till child service took Dmitri from his father, who lost guardianship of the boy.

Since, he spent his life living in an orphanage with the other kids who only treated him like dirt and never got acknowledge by any couples. They assumed because he was the son of an alcoholic father, he'd grow up to be the same thus they oversaw his true potential. The only one's he could call family was his guardian and three other girls who treated him like a big brother. It was for those four he would wake up with a smile. However, as life went on the boy got into clans in the streets, stealing and making a living for small tasks for the oldest in charge of the group. The only reason he ever took this job was to make money and buy his "sisters" clothes after the orphanage was shut down after he turned thirteen. Sine then, the four of them lived with a man by the name of Ox in a really miserable and harsh neighborhood. Since, he has worked for a clan by the name of [Ice] who Ox gotten him to join in, taking care of his siblings, doing side jobs, training his body in street fights and at a gym close by his "home." There he was taught wrestling, boxing and Aikido by the old gym owner, who saw him as family. At age eighteen he was rank to a higher level in the clan, this ritual consisted of a tribal tattoo on his back and bleaching an re-coloring the front of his hair to a white-grayish color.

Around age twenty he successfully found two decent part time jobs, as a garbage man and a waiter, in the weekends, he helped out in the mornings at the library for extra money. Since, he has tried to quit the clan but, is not as easy at it sounds. The last member was beaten 'till death, he heard, and he had a family to take care after-- how can he get out without risking his family's life? Then there is the Kira fellow, who gives him such bad feeling, but never takes too mind to it. Worrying so much will do no good for him nor his three girls.

The market in Royal Square was as always busy, crowded by people everywhere, but this day in particular the crowds were denser then usual. Some say it was because the weather was perfect and others because there were good quality, fresh foods in sale. Whatever it was, Dmitri was irritated by such little space. Brows furrowed, as he pushed through the crowd, now and then mumbling a gruff "Excuse me." "Pardon me." A list tinted in pink was held in his wide, rough hands as he peered down to it. The oldest loved bright colors, her favorite was pink. A soft chuckle was brought up to his dry lips as he went to one of the shops. The market was out in the open thick air as people pushed and grazed against each other, obviously, no sign of private space. Hell, if it wasn't his imagination, he'd swear his behind had been squeezed not so long ago. Once before the shop, Dmitri's golden eyes gaze over the different types of fishes, laid upon pile's of ice, fresh and alluring. It took all his strength not to drool before a good-looking young maiden, staring at him from the other end. "May I help you?" her voice was stern, not a sign of grace in it. An unfriendly pair of black eyes stared up at the tall young man. Dmitri, stood up straight, with a brow raised up high. What was her deal? "Yes, I'd like three pounds of Salmon...." his voice was thick, rough and indifferent as he crossed his bulky arms before his well toned chest. The maiden, huffed, rolling her eyes as she went on getting him his order. Meanwhile, a couple of three hungry females lay on an old couch that had been falling apart for so long, with growling stomachs, complaining like kids to each other.
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