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PostSubject: Kiandra   Kiandra I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 27, 2012 8:51 pm

Last and First Name: Hoshi, M. Kiandra

Nickname: Nyx

Age: 17

Birth of Date: 3rd April

Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan

Sex: Female

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 115lbs

Eyes: Hazel Green

Skin: Normal Pale

Kiandra 5

Features: Kiandra has long, chestnut hair that reaches up to her waist with medium length bangs that barely touch her cheeks and eyes a warm hazel green hue, oval and sharp. Most of her genes were inherited from her mothers' side; the short height, round, small nose and pale skin. Even her small features were mainly from her mothers side. A strong immune system was given by her old man, who has never in his life placed foot upon a hospital, except for his wife's' appointments and Kiandra's birth. Ever since she was a little baby, she has always had a heart shaped-like mark upon her back, above her butt cheeks on the left side that identifies her. Kiandra likes to groom her nails, leaving them long, sharp and strong. Usually, every Friday she colors them a different color depending on her mood. It's awkward for her to leave the same color nail for more than a week. Her hair as well, is always well-kept, using regular shampoos but only washing it every other day to keep it healthy.

Description: Kiandra's personality can be compared that of a feline, house pet. Completely independent, she likes to lurk in all the corner's of the world like a shadow. Although, do to her celebrity life, she has created a persona of herself; a go-lucky girl who everyone loves.

The true self is usually laid-back, peaceful and quiet. Enjoys long naps when days are miserable and a good work out or reading when it is a decent day. It's hard to actually enjoy outside activities, if she ever goes out it's either with a body guard and usually the paparazzi finds a way of tracking her location. It can be quite stressful but she doesn't mind it at all. It's not the attention she enjoys about it but the satisfaction of making others smile with her voice and acting. Very honest when it comes to her real self, she'll never hesitate to tell one how she feels unless she feels the need not to. Very charming and friendly, but can be irritated easily when there is too much going on in her resting time. Kiandra usually is a closed off person, never revealing the whole her. Very sneaky and deceiving, do to her acting career she has learn to change her "personality" and act as someone completely different.

Kiandra's Persona, audience Idol, is the usual happy, go-lucky girl who is all sweet, nice and a bit clumsy. She's always seen with a smile upon her face that can be perceived quite natural but truly is just her usual acting. One of her signatures is her constant wink after a speech, or singing.

Normal: [Ambiguous Handed] [Biting Inside Cheeks] [Whistling When Thinking]

Idol's: [Repetitive Ums] [Puckering of Lips When thinking] [Constant Blushing]


  • Messenger Bag
  • Aid Kit [Inside of Bag]
  • Locket Necklace [Family Portrait Inside]
  • Drawing Utensils [Inside of Bag]
  • Extra Clothes
  • Small Push with Rocks
  • Pepper Spray and Pocket Knife

Hobbies: [Singing] [Drawing] [Acting] [Traveling]

  • Animals
  • Sweets
  • Rain
  • Art
  • Reading
  • Detective/Serial Killer Shows

  • Cold Weather
  • Spicy Foods
  • Shrimp [Mildly Allergic; Lips and Face Swell up]
  • Dust
  • Being Ordered Around


Kiandra was born in an average home, daughter to a Police officer and an Artist. Parents met in America, at a coffee shop in Massachusetts. Upon their meeting, their company was so pleasant that they began to hang out as often as possible, leading it to a relationship and finally to marriage. After impregnating Kiandra's mother, they had moved back to Kyoto, Japan and there a little Kiandra was born.

Kiandra's life has always been pleasant and rather easy, always being spoiled by both parents ever since their first they lost their first born. Her father sent her to the best schools in Japan, giving her a well deserve education. The mother, enlisted her in different clubs and programs for her to develop into a broad flower. In those programs she learned how to become a lady, about art, dance, act, sing, cook and even Aikido and Kendo (her father had insisted.) Kiandra found much joy from the artistic programs, finding a gift for singing and acting. Since, she was enrolled in the little league of actors, there she was accepted as little Ai in one of the plays and since has follow a career of acting and singing. However, this type of lifestyle never got her off of school. Instead, her parents expected a lot more from her out of school as she grew to be a talented actress in the entertainment career.

Since, she has become an idol, known as Nyx, the Goddess of the Night, by everyone. Her name and whereabouts has always been kept confidential, only a small amount of people know of her and even her appearance. As the Idol Nyx, she always wears a strawberry wig and a pair of blue contacts to hide her true identity. It wasn't 'till later she learned of the Kira case, an ordinary person in charge of all the deaths in Japan. This Kira fellow has caught her interest and even has created lyrics based on Kira's power.

Show Me Your Talent:

"Mom, I'm going to go for a walk..."

Kiandra called from the living room as a short lady chopped carrots away for dinner in the kitchen.

"Don't be long."

Her mother replied, placing the carrots on a boiling pot the vapors rose up like a mist. The scent of mix of flavors roamed the house. It made Kiandra's stomach growl with hunger but she couldn't give in to her hunger. There had been a lot in her mind bugging her lately and she needed to clear her head up. One of her great ways to actually think clearly was with long, quiet walks around the neighbor.

"I won't."

Lied the young one as she made herself by the front door, slipping her black school shoes on and leaving the house into the alley. It had been seven o'clock a few minutes ago, so it would only take her a few hour and a half to clear her head.


Mumbled Kiandra, brushing her hair back as she strolled around the neighborhood. Her skirt swayed side to side as she made her way around. A white button up shirt was worn. Her hair down, obviously not brushed as it appeared everywhere. Her face looked far off, as though lost in thought. Apparently, yesterday, she was almost found out about her "job" as an actor and singer. This had caused her so much stressed that she had skipped classes to avoid any suspicious stares from her fellow classmates.

During her far off thoughts and unbeknownst to her a shadow followed close behind, a object sparkled in the light of the moon. It's atmosphere dripped of hostility and danger. This sudden feeling crept up her spine, alerting her of sudden stranger. Unlike many, she never dared to look behind, knowing well there was someone behind and instead dashed into a full run. The strangers followed behind on her heel. Her heart pounded with fear and adrenaline as she tried to escape the hungry wolf. Dark, cackles of laughter echoed behind her. Mocking her. Soon enough, similar to the movies, she found herself at dead end. In a pang of panic she twirled around and found herself before her killer, a knife held upon his hands.

"G-get away!"

Helplessly, shouted the girl as she went into a fighting stance. Her body shook, her eyes narrow and her voice was chocked in her throat. The throat neared, closing into the light and without warning sprung at her in attempt to stab her. The attack had been successful, the knife had dug its fang into her chest as her eyes widen at the person. It was her own self!

In a sudden leap, Kiandra awoke from a nightmare and slipped out of her bed, falling into the wodden floor. Sweat covering her cold body, shaking and huffing from the adrenaline and fear. It had been such a vivid dream it left her speechless and unable to move. The pain, it was real and she still felt it in between her breasts.

"....What was that?"

Breath the young singer as she laid on the cold floor.
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PostSubject: Re: Kiandra   Kiandra I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 27, 2012 9:10 pm

Nice! welcome to the site!


"Game's are over, now who want's to die?"

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