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 Frustration of a madman

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geru hikari?

geru hikari?

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Frustration of a madman Empty
PostSubject: Frustration of a madman   Frustration of a madman I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 29, 2012 7:52 pm

Geru now out of disguise burst though the door muttering all kinds of things to him self still overly peeved about the graveyard incident two days ago though he hadn't shown his anger until after he had left. "damn it that incompetent Yoctogram why why why....did it choose her." he grumbled to him self as he orders about 10 orders of chocolate tea,and cake. His grumblings centered around the subject as he sat down,and started writing in a note book full of math algorithms ,and binary code. It was kind of obvious by now people were staring at him as he wrote his own thoughts in more algorithms,and binary,but he really didn't seem to care as he muttered on. Eventually his first order of cake,and tea arrived,and he may as well of inhaled it with how fast he ate ,and drank while he still kept on writing while being about inconspicuous as a elephant. " I'll kill her damn it.....i just need to get stronger...YES that's it ill get as good as her,and kill her on the spot." he muttered to him self still writing in binary.
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Frustration of a madman
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