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 Kohaku Shinami (SPK)

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PostSubject: Kohaku Shinami (SPK)   Kohaku Shinami (SPK) I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 19, 2012 10:09 pm

Kohaku Shinami (SPK) 849420

Name: Kohaku Shinami (Amber, Death)

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Kohaku's Favorite thing to ware is his favorite black suit, he wares this jacket open to show his half buttoned, gray and black striped dress shirt...
he carry's his gun in holster on his lower back.. he wares the collar his dead mother gave him everyday, he only takes it off to shower... on his feet he wares his casual dress shoes... and can sometimes be seen smoking a cigarette...

Personality: Kohaku has a nac for being rather charming, and flirtatious... he usually get anyone he wants... but he knows his job always comes first...

Likes: his job, women, lollipops, love, guns

Dislikes: hatred, punks, rapists, arrogance, criminals

Bio: Kohaku's father died when he was only 6, hes was living with his mother ever since.. but when he turned 16 she was raped and murdered as she walking home from her job...... he heard screams and ran out of his house... when the criminal left he went and sat next to her and, he held her hand for the last time.. he called 911 but he they couldn't save her she had been stabbed to many times.. they never caught the rapist.. ever since then hes been wanting to avenge her death..

Kohaku is government spy who works alone always...its faster that way... he always stays under cover... he never reveals his true self to anyone unless he knows he can trust them to the fullest.. hes dedicated to his job.. but he never forgets to have a little fun every now and then.. Wink

Sample:I was riding a motorcycle speeding away from my captives. I’m in Toronto, Ontario right now and they have been chasing me since I escaped their prison in Montreal, Quebec.
My mission was to gather some information on what the French in Canada are planning to do to America. I got all my information saved on a flash drive. However, I was caught. They locked me up in a room and kept me there for three days. On the third night I escaped. Ever since then I was running.
The men on the motorcycle are closing in. I stepped on the break and accelerated to 100 miles per hour. I managed to lose them and stopped at a small clothing store. There I would get a disguises. I have to bring back the information to headquarters.
I walked towards the wigs and took a brown one. I grabbed some clothes from the mens rack. I paid for my things went to the changing room. I looked into the mirror and I was unrecognizable. Standing in front of me instead of a girl with blond hair wearing skinny jeans and a t-shirt there was a man with brown hair and wearing a dress shirt, jeans and boots.. I only wear casual clothes on a mission when needed.
I quickly stuffed my regular clothes in my bag and I walked out of the store. i rode my motorcycle to the air port. I was about to pay for a ticket for tokyo until my phone vibrated. I took it out and found a text message from headquarters.
HQ: Midnight, did you get the info?
I quickly typed back a reply.
Me: Yes I did.
HQ: There’s a change of plan. Meet us at the headquarters in russia. Something urgent came up. Make sure you’re not followed.
So change of plans. Now I needed to buy a ticket to Moscow in Russia.
I purchased a ticket and boarded the plane. I constantly checked behind me to make sure no one was following me. I sat in the seat closest to the emergency exit in case this ride wasn’t a smooth one.
Luckily, nothing terrifying happened to me while traveling to russia. I got out of the plane and went through security easily. Even though I had weapons with me they never noticed it. My weapons were designed to not get detected by airport security.
I changed into my regular clothes and took off the wig in the restroom. I left the airport and walked through the streets.
I walked towards a normal office building and walked inside. There I saw a lady on the reference table. She had auburn hair, blue eyes, and a pale face.
“How may I help you?” she asked.
I showed her my agent card and she immediately recognized me. She told me to go to the 56th floor. There the meeting would start.
I walked towards the elevator and it scanned my fingerprint. I clicked the button labeled 56 and the elevator shot up.
I got out of the elevator and walked towards the first room I saw. I typed in the password and the doors opened. The room was empty so I was still early for the meeting. I sat in one of the chairs and looked through my emails on my Phone. I wondered what this meeting will be about.
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Kohaku Shinami (SPK)
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