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 Luke Yaynoy

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Luke Yaynoy L_death_note_by_imad_LP

Name: Luke Yaynoy

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Appearance: Has a long brown coat. A golden ring sometimes shines on Luke's finger. He always wears black or blue jeans. Shoes are grey. under the coat, Luke wears a black T shirt.

Personality: Luke even being so young age, is tall as an adult. He always talk nonsense, and explains, that his line are to him, not to other people. He is a detective, who never lets his hands down.

Likes: Girls, power, science, questions and challenges

Dislikes: criminals, other detectives, Mafia, night clubs and his own death

Bio: Luke's father was a cop, and watched all detective movies with Luke. Slowly, in the boy's mind, fantasy stories appeared, by making the boy a thinker type. One night, when Luke was 8, A robber got in the house, and killed the parents of Luke.

Luke didn't let everything go away easy. He solved the crime and caught the murderer in two days. Luke started working as a detective.

As soon as Luke heard the stories of Kira, he came to search for him. He wants to find and punish Kira, but most he wants, to obtain, if it's possible, the power of killing.

Sample: "Luke! where the hell are you?" a voice came from behind th door.
Luke was sitting in a huge room, all covered with letters, piece of papers, and books. Luke was drawing a somekind of super saiyan In "Harry Potter" book.
"I'm here" the young boy said. By looking at him, you would never tell how old is he.
The door opened and a big blonde girl came to the room.
"Luke! We got a new murder! It looks like a suicide!"
"Suicide? Who's dead?" Luke asked by closing his book.
"Doctor Meysan Shekule."
"Shekule? Isn't that the guy that was robbed two days ago?" Luke looked at the girl.
"Okay, Mai, take your things, lets go!" Luke stood up and went out of the room.

Luke was walking around a dead body on a chair, near the table. The man had a pistol in left hand, and a pencil in lright.
"Doctor was found by his wife. She locked the door until we came. He wrote a "goodbye" letter" one of policmen gave a piece of paper. The writing style was beautiful.
"This isn't a suicide" Luke said by looking at doctors body.
"What?" Police was surprised.
"I met Shekule two days ago. And then I spotted two things." Luke smiled.
"The first one was that Shekule's writing was beautifull."
"Well, the letter is written beautifully" Mai said.
"Yes. But the second thing: Doctor is a left-handed person, not right! Now go and call everyone in the house!" Luke commanded, and the police left.

"How long do you know your husband, Mrs. Shekule?" Luke asked by standing in front of Doctor's wife, driver and cook.
"For 20 years..." wife answered.
"Okay, Well, how about your cook? when are you eating?" Luke asked the cook.
"I always ate with Mr. and Mrs. Shekule." The cook smiled.
"And you mister driver? How much times per day did you see Shekule?"
"I work here for a week, it is mentioned in the letter. I saw Doctor every morning, when I drove him to work." Driver said in a little angry voice.
"Arrest him." Luke said and seeing a little confused faces, explained:
"Doctors wife know him in 20 years. In such big time, she would really notice that he uses left hand to write.
Cook eats wit Mr. Shekule. He should know, that our victim uses left hand.
And driver. you saw doctor 8 times: when you met him, and this week's morning. You couldn't know what hand he uses, and more you shouldn't know what is in the letter but, you do"
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Luke Yaynoy
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