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*~Death Note~*

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(Didn't think this would be a question o-o) Dark, I guess?

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Character sheet from Mattias

 Name : Mattias Romanov "Kasami" Cocoon
 Age : 19
 Personality : Mattias never really was a nice person, even when he was a child he wasnít the best person to hang out with. Heís created his own style of fighting, incorporating things from both Taekwondo and Brazilian Jujitsu. He has an addiction to "Dubstep" music, and heís an unforgiving, intellectual asshole. He enjoys picking other peoples minds to see their reactions, for better or worse. He doesnít like it when heís patronized, and has a short temper. He doesnít show much feeling, and practices a type of "Stoicism." He prefers to stay away from people, as he would rather be with his books. He has a fairly lively sense of humor, be it an extremely dark one or not. He never takes things seriously, everything is a game to him. He has no sense of morality, as he only considers it a weakness. He does what needs to be done, be it for the good of himself, or for whatever other reason.
 Bio : Mattias was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. His parents died when he was 5 years old, and in their will they had him live with one of his fathers childhood friends, Quillsh Wammy. He was enrolled in the Wammyís house program, and gained the nickname "Kasami." On October 6th, Mattias committed his first murder. He was walking down the street late at night, headed back home. Two men sprung from an alley adjacent to Mattias, and surrounded him. They said they wanted Mattiasí wallet, and the first man pulled out a knife. Mattias took his wallet out of his back left pocket, and held it out in front of him. He did so fairly slowly, so that he may decide what to do at this point. The man motioned to take his wallet, and Mattias grabbed the wrist that held the knife, broke it, took the manís knife, and stabbed him in the torso 7 times. The other man ran off, as he was unarmed. Mattias took the knife, dragged the corpse into the alley, and walked off, as if nothing happened. Mattias was only 15. Mattiasí only friend was a young girl called "Mira," thatís not to say that they spent a lot of time together, but they just spent more time with each other than with everyone else. They both exhibited the same bored attitude, and could usually be found playing chess against each other. They would always challenge each others intelligence, and developed a slight rivalry. One day, Mattias couldnít seem to find Mira, and when he asked Quillsh, he didnít tell Mattias anything. Mattias just had to carry on, without the location of the only person he really felt he cared for. Mattias never wanted to make any other friends after that, because he knew it would only hurt him if he got too close, and they were ripped away. After his friendís disappearance, Mattias kept mostly to his studies, and was usually seen writing things down in in his notebooks, while wearing fairly large headphones that were blasting Dubstep music. When he wasnít studying, he was either smoking, on the computer, or putting together infinitely large puzzles. He worked desperately to advance his intelligence, striving to be the best in the eyes of his legal guardian. He didnít even consider his parents at this point, he focused on himself, and only himself. He didnít talk about it, but he always considered himself slightly superior in comparison to the other students. In his mind he always wanted to be the best, and heíd do pretty much anything to get there. This isnít to say he was a sore loser, just accepted defeat, and then tried to become better next time.