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 Experimenting at Sazandora's house (Kira Topic)

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PostSubject: Experimenting at Sazandora's house (Kira Topic)   Fri Dec 03, 2010 3:09 am

Sazandora reached his house. He took out his keys and unlocked the door. He walked inside and found the house quiet and empty.
"Hello! Mum are you home?" Saz shouted out. He got no reply.
Good Mum isn't home.
Saz walked upstairs and entered his room. He took out his death note and threw his bag to the floor.
"Who should i test this on sunset?" he asked his bird that was sitting on his shoulder.
Before I do anything I should read through all of these rules so I get a good understanding. Then I can make a move. Looks like I've got a long night ahead of me...

Sazandora finally finished reading the rules of the death note.
There were quite a few rules in there, But I'm sure there are many others that aren't written in there. What helps me the most is that I know I can specify the cause of death. This means I can make an accident happen without drawing suspiscion from Kira. Also it says I'm to be haunted by a Shinigami after I use it. I wonder when it will show up. Woah woah woah I'm getting carried away here. This probably doesn't work anyway it's probably just a joke. Still now I need to find a person to test it on.

Sazandora turned on his computer and once it had loaded up he opened up the internet.
I'll watch live news via the internet but it won't be news from this country.
Sazandora searched for around an hour looking at different stations when he stumbled onto a live car chase happening on an American news channel.
The news announcer said, "The insane man fleeing police in a blue ford falcon has been confirmed to be 34 year Stan Thorn who just earlier broke out of prison. He was facing life inprisonment for raping 4 young girls. It looks like..."
PERFECT. Now to write this down

Sazandora wrote down the following in the death note:

Stan Thorn
Dies today at 13 : 32, from a gun shot.

Okay so it's exactly 13 : 31 now so in one minute we'll see if this works. I've watched a lot of these chases before and I've never seen one last shorter than 10 minutes. This one has only been going on for two minutes and if he dies from a police gunshot I would say that its undeniable proof that this is real. Just 10 seconds to go...
Sazandora watched as a policeman stood holding a gun just ahead of the car in an attempt to get the car to stop. The car however did not slow down and the policeman shot a bullet at the car. The bullet shot straight through the man's head and the car crashed into a pole. The police rushed in and the news announcer spoke again after a minute.
"I can confirm that the man was killed from the gunshot fired by the policeman and not the crash."

No way! this thing is real?!!! I can't even believe this right now. This is insane. Okay I need to wait for this Shinigami to show up and monitor the Kira case more before I decide how to act again. I do believe Kira will be getting a challenge very soon though...

Sazandora grinned as he hid the death note inside his wardrobe and sat on his bed, thinking about things to come.
Okay so I need a hiding place for this death note, a way to tell if someone has been in my room and a way of getting police information. I have to plan for everything and I'm sure there are many other things to take care of but for now my number one priority is finding a hiding place for this note.

This will be my world...
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Posts : 1935
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PostSubject: Re: Experimenting at Sazandora's house (Kira Topic)   Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:52 am

5 days later...

Sazandora was lying on his bed looking at the ceiling when all of a sudden he heared a low, coarse voice say "Hi there, I'm the Shinigami Zellogi." Saz sat up and looked directly ahead of him to see Zellogi who looked very human like. He looked like one of those native American chiefs but with a disgustingly evil face. He had a hook on his left hand and a rack of skulls dangling down from the right side of his waist.
Finally Sazandora thought to himself.
"Okay Shinigami I have a few questions for you. So firstly there is another person with a death note on earth correct? Also more death notes could appear in our world if another Shinigami decides to drop their's am i right?
Straight down to business with this guy he didn't even flinch when he saw me, maybe I shouldn't have written that he would get visited by a Shinigami within 30 days... Zellogi thought to himself.
"Yes you are correct in both of those however I am not permitted to tell you who owns the other death note, that is a universal Shinigami rule." Zellogi told Sazandora
"I see. I didn't realise Shinigami had rules but I guess it makes sense. So what else should I know? I'll ask more questions afterwards if need be." Saz said.
"Well first off know I am just a spectator and will not help you at all, or it makes it too easy for you and that's no fun. No human can see or hear me unless they have touched the death note or a page from the death note, so right now only you can see me. Now here is the most interesting one. If you give up half of your remaining life span, you can have my eyes. Then you'll be able to see a persons real name and life span just by looking at them. This offer stands forever just so you know. Zellogi smiled evily.
With that power there is no question I would be able to beat L and Kira a lot easier, but half my remaining life span is heavy...
"Zellogi I am going to have to decline your offer... for now anyway. I'd rather not give up half my life so I'll see what I can do without those eyes for now. But I don't know what could happen in the future so I should be ready to trade at any time in any place. If I ever say the phrase 'I want to see in a different way' no matter where, when or how I use it, you are to make that trade with me okay. Make sure to remember that."
"Yeah I got that. and just so you know, any human using this notebook can neither go to heaven nor hell." Zellogi laughed evily.
"I'm willing to accept that. Anyway I think I'm going to put my plan into action very soon Zellogi. Keep watching because this will be fun" Saz grinned.

This will be my world...
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Experimenting at Sazandora's house (Kira Topic)
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