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 Sazandora Aramaki

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PostSubject: Sazandora Aramaki   Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:13 pm

Name: Sazandora Aramaki
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Personality: - Sazandora doesn't like anything to go wrong. He is very strategic and meticulous in any plan he makes right down to the tiniest details, everything has to be perfect. He is a pathological liar, he lies without a care in the world and he can always think up a convincing lie in a split second. He feels no remorse or guilt for anyone in the world. He manipulates people into getting what he wants, girl or boy, it doesnt matter. He uses people and they always end being the scapegoats and Sazandora couldn't care less about them. He is superficially charming, anyone that talks to him or sees him gets a really positive impression of him. Even though on the outside he seems like a nice charming guy on the inside it's completely different. When he shows what seems to be warmth, joy, love and compassion it is more feigned than experienced and serves an ulterior motive. He just has a lack of sympathy and empathy for anyone. He is concerned about himself and his status in the world. He is basically a sociopath. He doesn't like to lose at anything but he loves a challenge. He is very cool and collected under pressure and has very sharp instincts when something isn't quite right.

-The Internet
-Challenging Situations
-Devising intricate plans

-The original Kira
-Devout Christians

Bio: Growing up, Sazandora had a more or less normal childhood. His grades were above average and he excelled at physics later on in his school life. He didn't care too much about school, he didn't study at all but could easily take in most information just by going to class. He would rather cause trouble for other people while staying in the background never being blamed for anything. He would manipulate others and lie with ease so he would gain and they would lose. He had no sympathy and just didn't care for anybody. He went to school at Daikoku Private Academy and over the years there he became better and better at this but he started getting bored. Bored of how easy it was to manipulate others just for the sake of it.

He needed a goal... he needed a challenge. He learnt all about wiring, switches, motion detectors and he learnt how to do all sorts of things with simply connecting things up and wireless programming all from the internet at his home. It was amazing how much you could learn on the internet if you really sat down and dedicated yourself to it. One day Saz was watching the sunset alone at the beach thinking his life through when a beautiful white bird landed on his shoulder. Saz looked at the bird and back to the sunset. "You wanna chill with me? Well I'll call you sunset, quite fitting don't you think?" After that day Sunset followed Saz everywhere and would wait outside of school every day until Saz came out. Saz couldn't care less about anybody in the world, Sunset was the only thing he cared about.

So a 17 year old sociopath, in his third high school year (12th grade) at Daikoku Private Academy, living at home with his mum needed something to do with his life. He then heard about Kira and after a week of the name Kira being first announced the whole world new the name of Kira. Saz then talked to people around the world on anonymous chat rooms about Kira, reading other peoples theories about Kira's method for killing and where people thought Kira could be and who he was. It was amazing at how much knowledge he could gain just by listening to other people. It seemed most likely for Kira to be in the region of Japan that he was in. There were all sorts of theories about who Kira was but the one that intrigued him was the one that he could be a student. Maybe he even went to the same school as Saz but that would be stretching it.

At this time in the Shinigami realm Zellogi had taken an interest in Ryuk's decision to go to the human world and drop his death note. He had seen how interesting things were getting in the human world and decided to have himself some fun. He descended to the human world to where Ryuk had dropped his death note and he dropped his note on the footpath leading out of the school before he quickly flew out of sight. Sazandora had snuck out of class ten minutes early so he would avoid the annoying croud on his walk home. He noticed the notebook and picked it up. He read a couple of pages and was shocked to see what what written inside. He put it in his bag and walked home. Now he must see if the notebook is for real or a joke and if it is real, then how to use it's power...

Sample: Sazandora was sitting at a computer, struggling to keep his eyes open. They had gone to the library for this lesson to do research for their english assignment. 15 more minutes and school would be finished for the day. The teacher was at the other side of the library so Saz decided to sneak out. Nobody would notice, it was a large class and everyone was engrossed in their research. Saz slyly exited the library and began walking out of school via the main entrance. Sunset swooped down and landed on his shoulder. It was absolutely deserted outside. He liked that, he couldn't stand the roar of students after school.

As he was walking he saw an intriguing black book on the ground. He bent over and picked it up.
Death Note? Is this a joke?
Sazandora read the first couple of pages and he saw they were rules to the death note.
The human whose name is written in the Death Note shall die! Is this for real? Could this be how Kira kills people or is this some kind of sick joke? Better look at this more at home before people come outside.
Sazandora put the Death note in his bag and proceeded to walk home. Many thoughts flurried through his head as he walked yet his calm exterior remained strong.
The only way to know if this notebook is real is to test it out... but if it works I'll be a murderer. Well I think I can live with that in any case. It makes it very hard with the police and L already trying to catch Kira because I'll have to be really careful about testing this. I can't kill someone on the news because Kira will know that he wasn't the one that did the killing and he'll realise that someone else has a death note. I'll think about this more when i get in.

After walking for another ten minutes Sazandora reached his house. He took out his keys and unlocked the door. He walked inside and found the house quiet and empty.
"Hello! Mum are you home?" Saz shouted out. He got no reply.
Good Mum isn't home.
Saz walked upstairs and entered his room. He took out his death note and threw his bag to the floor.
"Who should i test this on sunset?" he asked his bird that was still sitting on his shoulder.
Before I do anything I should read through all of these rules so I get a good understanding. Then I can make a move. Looks like I've got a long night ahead of me...

This will be my world...
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PostSubject: Re: Sazandora Aramaki   Thu Dec 02, 2010 11:28 am

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PostSubject: Re: Sazandora Aramaki   Thu Dec 02, 2010 11:33 am

woopwoop now just have to wait and see if my kira app gets approved Razz

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Sazandora Aramaki
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